Tissue paper ream Sirius in tube, multifunction

Sirius tissue paper ream is used to embellish a floral arrangement or a gift. It can also be used to decorate the room for a happy event such as a birthday or a baby shower.
A classic in the world of floral wrapping, the paper silk ream is perfect for creating a beautiful floral arrangement in colourful hues. It can also be used to make a lovely gift package for a birthday. To decorate it, you can add accessories such as raffia or a gift tag. The combination of tissue paper and kraft paper also adds volume to the professionally created bouquet. These reams of paper are pre-cut to facilitate the work of florists and other trades.

The characteristics

The special feature of this Sirius paper silk is that it is packaged in tubes, so it is sold in smaller quantities. The tube format makes it easier to transport the tissue for events and art lessons. This tissue paper is suitable for hobbies and creative workshops. This range of Sirius tissue paper is also available in more than 24 colours to suit all tastes.

Multiple colours

This silk paper is perfect for decorating a beautiful table for a happy event such as a baby shower, wedding or birthday. The wide range of colours offered by Clayrton's allows you to create an original and colourful decoration. There are many colours for summer with different yellows such as classic yellow, beige, vanilla and sunshine yellow. Cooler colours also exist with purple and dark green.

Our silk paper reams are available in many colours and are ideal for spring and summer. The 17 colours range from beige, orange and pink to parma, light green and taupe grey. The thickness of the tissue paper is 17g/m² and the size is 75 x 50cm. The packaging is in tubes with 40 tubes per box.
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