Silk paper ream 240 colored sheets multicolored Sirius

The Sirius multicoloured silk paper ream is ideal for making a colourful floral arrangement thanks to the many colours available such as green, pink, beige and orange. This tissue paper has water resistant colours.
The silk paper ream leaves is perfect for creating a sublime floral arrangement in colourful hues. Popular with florists, it adds volume to every bouquet created. The advantage of these reams is that they are pre-cut to facilitate the work of florists and other craftsmen. For a spectacular creation, it is possible to add kraft paper, a gift tag or bolducs.

h2>Multiple uses

The strength of silk paper ream is its versatility. It can be used to create a beautiful floral arrangement. It can also be used in the world of decoration to enhance a party room or a table. The most suitable event for this floral wrap is Christmas Eve. The muslin adds a festive touch to the gift wrap. For the festive season, there is the Sirius silk paper ream in metal.


This product range offers a wide choice of colours. This allows florists to create an original bouquet of flowers in bright and original colours. The specificity of this product is that it is sold in multiple mixed colours. For the 240 leaves, 6 colours are offered: light green, fuchsia, white, orange, beige and yellow. For the 480 sheets, the 10 colours offered are fuchsia, red, orange, yellow, white, pink, lavender, light green, grey and black. The colours are water resistant, so the floral packaging will remain vibrant for years to come.

Our tissue paper ream are available in 240 or 480 multi-coloured sheets. These are classic and essential colours for a beautiful flower bouquet. The thickness of this tissue paper is 17g/m² and the size is 75 x 50xm.
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