Leader in the floral and festive market, Clayrton’s is a family company born in 1968 and located in Roubaix, Northern-France.

Thanks to the know-how of our production team, the proximity of our sales force, the creativity of our designers and the vision of our managers, our goal is to provide you with innovative products in total respect of the environment.

Through a dedicated export team waving flags all over Europe, and an operational subsidiary in the Netherlands, we have great ambitions regarding our international developments.

Striving to stay ahead of nowadays ecological issues and aware of the extreme necessity to reduce our environmental impacts, we always design our novelties with an approach based on eco-conception.

At Clayrton’s, you will also beneficiate of customization services allowing you to make our products yours. Clients’ satisfaction is our priority.



As we are passionate about nature, our wish is to preserve it.

Since 2000, besides having met the challenge of printing with water-based inks, we also have been consistent in our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) approach with ISO 50 001 certification (Energy Management), and PEFC® certification for all our kraft papers.

Willing to be transparent in regards of our industrial practices, Clayrton’s has released a complete CSR report that we invite you to discover. In this document you will find all the ins and outs of the actions we take to minimize our environmental impact.

We unveil:

  • Our certifications related to eco-responsibility.
  • Details about our manufacturing processes.
  • Our approach in the field of Research & Development and our eco-friendly product range.
  • All the actions taken internally at Clayrton’s.
  • The different codes and symbols shown on our packaging and the environmental impact of the raw materials we are using.

We will continue moving towards sustainability with the installation of solar panels, and with specific actions to improve biodiversity in our green spaces. Striving to make improvements is in our DNA.

Please get in touch if you wish to visit us and discover our world!



An 100% french success story

We are proudly manufacturing most of our assortment in the north of France under the naming « Origine France Garantie », attesting of our strong will to contribute to the economic growth of the region. We employ currently 71 people.

A wide panel of talents are composing our organization:

  • A skillful production team operating with extreme focus on details while manufacturing the products
  • An ambitious and dedicated salesforce
  • A designer team continuously looking at the market trends and always ahead of the latest innovations

Label “French Origin Guaranteed”


About 70% of our assortment is manufactured in Roubaix, France.

This label is recognized nationwide, which we were awarded in 2016 and very proud of!

To be granted such certification, two cumulative criteria are measured: between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is achieved in France and its key components must originate from France.

This ensures that customers and consumers benefit from product traceability thanks to a clear and objective indication of origin.

Clayrton’s is one of the few companies in France that are developing this label and the only French floral packaging manufacturer to have been awarded it.

A french production

Keeping its production plant in France allows us to:

  • Preserve current jobs in a region that is traditionally industrial
  • Participate in creating new job opportunities
  • Reduce our carbon footprint