Silk paper ream metale sheets Sirius, enhances your bouquets

Sirius silk paper ream metale is used to embellish a floral arrangement or a gift. With its exceptional shine, it brings a touch of modernity to the end of the year celebrations.
A classic in the world of floral packaging, the silk paper ream metale is ideal for creating a beautiful, voluminous bouquet of flowers in metallic colours. The material adds a lot of shine to the florist's design. Tissue paper wraps and protects the flowers during the festive season. It is also ideal for making a Christmas gift package with its metallic colour. These reams of paper are pre-cut to facilitate the work of florists and other trades. For extra volume, simply add kraft paper or accessories to the floral wrap such as bolducs and raffia.

h2>The characteristics

The special feature of Sirius tissue paper ream is its metallic, shiny appearance. The material reflects all the light to draw the eye to its floral composition. The colours available are gold and silver, two classic metallic colours. This range of Sirius muslin is also available in more than 24 colours to suit all tastes.

h2>Perfect for Christmas

Metallic muslin is ideal for the festive season. In gold, it goes very well with traditional Christmas decorations. It can be used to complete a gift package by adding shine and sparkle. The silver colour goes perfectly with a cold Christmas. This tissue paper will then add a modern touch to the room or gift.

Our tissue reams are available in two different colours for the festive season: gold and silver. The thickness of this tissue paper is 19g/m² and the size is 75 x 50cm. Packaging is 100 sheets or 200 sheets per box.
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