Printed cellophane film roll plumetis

This roll is a cellophane transparent that is perfect for highlighting a beautiful floral arrangement during the summer. This exceptionally shiny polypro film enhances all wrapped items with its reflections. Its antique touch thanks to the embroidery effect gives a natural look to the created bouquet. It can easily be used by a florist, garden centre or bouquet maker to create a splendid wedding bouquet.

Plumetis pattern

The design of this cellopahen roll is a reference to feather duster. Plumetis is an embroidery in relief which is executed on a fine fabric with tight stitches. This embroidery can be found on many beautiful fabrics. This imitation plumetis embroidery wrapping adds a touch of authenticity to the floral arrangement. Very popular with florists and bouquet makers, this design is simple and elegant. It is suitable for all flower bouquets. In a similar style, there is the gypsophila pattern, which is very popular for a wedding bouquet.

Waterproof film

The advantage of this roll is that it can be used to make a waterproof or bubble bouquet. It is perfect for florists who regularly work outdoors or with water. The polypropylene roll is made from polypropylene, a waterproof and scratch-resistant plastic film.

Guaranteed French origin

Clayrton's is committed to an eco-responsible approach and has taken several steps to improve its production. Firstly, the ink used is water-based ink. It is an ecological ink made from pigments, additives and water. In addition, the plastic is 100% recyclable to limit the consumption of packaging. Also, this plastic film is of 'Origine France Garantie'. Indeed, each fancy cellophane film is printed in our workshop in Roubaix, France.

You will find this polypropylene film roll in a thickness of 35 microns and a size of 0.80 x 120m. Packaging is 4 rolls per box.
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