Cellophane roll printed dots for bouquet

This cellophane roll is available in a brightly coloured polka dot pattern in red, pink and fuchsia. It is perfect for wrapping a delicate spring flower arrangement.
This roll of cellophane film is the perfect floral wrap for creating an elegant, spring-like bouquet of flowers. Its exceptional brilliance highlights each flower in the floral arrangement. Polypropylene is a waterproof material and allows florists to create a bubble bouquet. It is also resistant to everyday scratches and scuffs. In a similar style, there is a cellophane roll plumetis with many dots to enhance the flower bouquet.

Dot pattern

This floral wrap has a dots pattern with a childhood theme. The word dots in English means dots in French, which is a perfect match for this polypro pattern. This polypropylene film has multiple dots all over the packaging. It is a timeless and playful pattern that goes well with any combination of flowers. It brings a joyful and festive touch while remaining simple. Very popular with florists, this paper is ideal for a child-themed event such as a baby shower to celebrate the future birth of a baby.

Imprim'vert label

Clayrton's places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy through the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions. Certified Imprim'vert since 2015, the company prints all its designs and colours with water-based ink. The printing is carried out in its Roubaix factory in the north of France. The advantage of this ecological ink is that it is less harmful to health than the solvent-based ink usually used in this market. It consists of pigments, water and additives. In the same vein, this polypropylene film is 100% recyclable to limit waste. This classic product is of 'Origine France Garantie' since it is designed and printed in our workshop in France.
This cellophane film Dots is available in four different colours: grey, red, pink and fuchsia. This roll is available in a thickness of 35 microns and its size is 0,80 x 100m. The packaging is 4 rolls per box.
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