Cellophane roll printed brodery for bouquet

This cellophane roll printed is available in an embroidery effect floral design. The material is transparent and waterproof and is suitable for creating an original flower bouquet in spring tones.
This roll of polypropylene film is suitable for wrapping a spring flower arrangement. The material used is polypropylene, a transparent and waterproof film. It is popular with florists and enhances every flower bouquet with its exceptional brilliance. The advantage is that this polypro is also easy to handle and scratch-resistant.

Embroidery design

This plastic film has beautiful spring flowers with an embroidery effect. Embroidery refers to hand or machine decoration on fabric and is reminiscent of French craftsmanship and meticulous fabric work. This floral packaging is totally in line with the Shabby Chic trend. It mixes old-fashioned and country aspects in pastel colours. This Brodery pattern is also available on a roll of kraft paper which brings a touch of naturalness and authenticity.

Guaranteed French origin

This design was created by the designers at Clayrton's. This polypropylene roll has been totally imagined by the designers of Clayrton's. The embroidery motif is printed in our Roubais workshop in the north of France. This product is considered as eco-responsible since it is 100% recyclable. Since 2007, the company has implemented several CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions. One of these actions is the exclusive use of water-based ink instead of solvent-based inks. It is a water-based ink composed of water, pigments and additives.
Brodery cellophane is available in three different colours: beige, white and sage green. These colours allow you to create a floral composition in spring colours. This roll is available in a thickness of 35 microns and its size is 0,80 x 100m. The packaging consists of 4 rolls per box.
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