Cellophane roll printed Flowering with butterflies

This cellophane roll is ideal for wrapping a flower arrangement. Its motif symbolises the arrival of spring with multiple colourful butterflies. The material is 100% recyclable and of guaranteed French origin.
This roll of cellophane is an ideal floral wrapping to highlight a bouquet of flowers in spring colours. It has a beautiful shine with multiple reflections to enhance all the flowers in the arrangement. Very popular with florists and bouquet makers, polypropylene is a waterproof material that can be used to make a bouquet with a water reserve. In the world of butterflies, you also have the farfalla polypropylene film.

Flower motif

This polypropylene film with a flowering motif is perfect for creating spectacular flower arrangements when spring arrives. The name of the product is reminiscent of spring and the blooming of flowers. It refers to the many butterflies that appear in spring. The butterfly is a beautiful and special insect that evolves in 4 stages: the egg, the larva - called caterpillar - the chrysalis and finally the butterfly. This design adds a natural and authentic touch to the packaging of the flower bouquet or gift.

Water-based ink

Clayrton's has been committed to an eco-responsible approach since 2007. It has implemented a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy to limit the impact of packaging on the environment. For this product, it favours the use of water-based ink for printing the flowering motif. This ecological ink is made up of water, pigments and additives. Since the use of this ink the company has been certified Imprim'vert. Also, this cellophane wrap rollis 100% recyclable and of Guaranteed French Origin. The motif and its colours are printed in our Roubaix factory in the north of France.

This roll of cellophane is available in four different colours: blue, green, pink and purple. The proposed size is 0.80 x 120m for a thickness of 35 microns. The packaging is 4 rolls per box.'
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