Roll Gypsophile

This clear polypropylene roll has a beautiful gypsophila flower inspired design. Discover this brilliant film ideal for a wedding bouquet.
This transparent plastic film is perfect to enhance authentic floral arrangements. With an exceptional shine, this polypro highlights all varieties of flowers and foliage with its reflections. This beautiful pattern is covered with white spots resembling a romantic flight of flower petals. It is strongly reminiscent of the gypsophila flower. With this wrapping, you can see a flight of gypsophila petals at a wedding.

Gypsophila flower

This plant is a pretty, wispy plant with clouds of flowers or roses. Gypsophila is very popular for sophisticated events such as weddings and christenings. This cellophane roll is mainly used to make a wedding bouquet. In combination with bulbous flowers, the stems will add volume to the arrangement. This is an opinion shared by many florists and bouquet makers. Clayrton's also offers a roll of feathery poplypropylene with white polka dots in the same wedding theme.

A waterproof film

Perfect for florists and bouquet makers who display their floral creations outdoors, this polypro film is completely waterproof. In fact, there will be no risk of the packaging getting damaged in bad weather thanks to its water-resistant film. Very practical, it can be used to make flower bouquets with water reserve or with water bubble. It is also scratch and scuff resistant.

Recyclable product

The advantage of printed cellophane rolls is that they are 100% recyclable. In fact, Clayrton's favours recyclable materials for the manufacture of its rolls. The motifs are also printed in our printing plant in Roubaix, near Lille, and are therefore of guaranteed French origin. In keeping with our eco-responsible approach, the ink used for printing is water-based, made from water, additives and pigments.

This cellophane film rolls is available in a thickness of 35 or 40 microns and is packaged 4 rolls per box. The two sizes available are 0.60 x 120m and 0.80 x 120m.
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