Cellophane roll printed curiosity for bouquet

This cellophane roll is available in a floral pattern resembling a herbarium. The material is waterproof and transparent and is perfect for creating a floral arrangement.
This cellophane roll is suitable for wrapping an original spring flower arrangement. The transparency of this film makes every flower bouquet look beautiful. This polypropylene material is also transparent, so that the entire floral creation can be seen. This roll is easy to handle and scratch resistant, making it a popular polypro for florists and bouquet makers.

A herbarium

This floral packaging has a motif that is very reminiscent of a herbarium in its design. A herbarium is a collection of dried plants or flowers pressed between sheets of paper. This design is very similar to a herbarium with several boxes containing a drawn flower. Each box has a different flower to recall the study of vegetation. This polypropylene film provides a studious and whimsical atmosphere with some butterflies added around the flowers. Very popular with florists, this paper is ideal for a flower and nature themed event.

100% recyclable

Clayrton's has been focusing on its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy since 2007. It has implemented several actions such as the use of a 100% recyclable cellophane to limit waste. This product, of guaranteed French origin, is printed in our printing plant in Roubaix, in the north of France. For printing, the Imprim'vert certified company uses water-based ink instead of solvent-based ink. This is a more environmentally friendly ink made up of water, pigments and additives.
This Curiosity roll of cellophane is available in four different colours: fuchsia, pink, white and sage green. These colours allow you to create a bouquet of brightly coloured flowers. The roll is available in a thickness of 35 microns and its size is 0.80 x 100m. Packaging is 4 rolls per box.
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