Kraft paper sleeves pre-folded smart and cellophane, easy bouquet creation

it is totally transformed in our factory in Roubaix
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Kraft paper sleeves pre-folded is perfect for making bouquets of flowers quickly and easily. For florists, using this clever cone is a real time saver in their daily work. With the pre-folded edges, craftsmen just have to slide in the flowers and plants to get a clean and elegant result.

This smart cover is made from two different materials: kraft and polypropylene. Kraft is a natural paper that gives an authentic image to the created flower arrangement. The paper is FSC certified, a label created to fight deforestation, preserve biodiversity and local farmers. This label ensures that the paper has been produced in a way that guarantees sustainable forest management.

The second material is polypropylene, a 100% recyclable and water-resistant plastic. With its exceptional shine, polypropylene protects the kraft paper during the transport of the bouquet and enhances the flowers. The combination of these two materials is perfect for creating an authentic and solid bouquet. For more originality, you can decorate it with coloured tissue paper, bolducs or raffia to intensify the beauty of the flower.

Clayrton's has been involved in an eco-responsible approach for many years, investing in the environmental cause through the choice of materials used and the production chain. For the printing of the colours, the company uses water-based ink which is less chemical than the solvent-based ink usually used in the sector. This product is of "Origine France Garantie
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